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Subscriber or Supporter, is there a difference?

Started by markp, 08/17/2012 07:09AM
Posted 08/17/2012 07:09AM Opening Post
I've seen these words used interchangeably and I have seen them appear to mean something different.

Under the new policy, when I pay $15, what am I considered, a subscriber or supporter and what privileges come with that?


Posted 08/17/2012 08:27AM #1
Yeah, I'm still confused. I just paid for...something. What, I'm not exactly sure, but I paid.
Posted 08/17/2012 09:23AM #2
Supporters are getting more ads and access to the ads for one month in real time

Subscribers get less ads and no real time access to the ads or the ability to get ads emailed real time to themselves.

Both $15

You can of course get better deals - see here