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How to locate draft ad that was rejected due to "links."

Started by jrs234%, 04/28/2019 06:09PM
Posted 04/28/2019 06:09PM Opening Post
Hi,  I recently placed an ad for a Vixen refractor which directed potential buyers to Google the name of the scope and several reviews of that scope.  I received an email from Astromart stating that the ad contained "links" which are not permitted, so the ad seems to have been rejected.  In any event it is not showing up in Classifieds.  Rather than redoing the whole ad, which was fairly long (probably way too long) is there some way to retrieve the draft I submitted so that I can just remove the offending links.   I have clicked on every possible Astromart section such as "My Account" or "My Classifieds" etc. but can't find a way to locate the draft.  I would appreciate any help here.    Jim Schwartz
Posted 04/28/2019 07:01PM #1
99.9% certain you wont find it......been here a LONG time and as far as I know when an ad is removed for cause it is GONE.

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Posted 04/29/2019 11:22AM #2
Thanks Greg,  I guess the solution is just to re-post, but in a much abbreviated form so I don't get too annoyed at the extra typing.   Jim