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Reporting a seller for Fraud or Scam Transactions

Started by EdRaff, 09/30/2018 02:33AM
Posted 03/02/2019 07:48AM #20
Originally Posted by Ilya Kachkovskiy
Paypal was very helpful. At the day of my last message, I submitted a paypal claim (because it became very clear that I'm not getting the item). Normally, there is a certain time before the claim escalates, to give the seller a chance. I called Paypal and explained that they can wait but it should be clear for them by now that this person is a scammer, so it may be safer to close him now (who knows what kind of cash out plan he has). They agreed and escalated, the claim was closed the same day. The guy appealed, and the appeal was denied next day. He tried to add some gibberish as a tracking number.

I've spotted a few similar ads later. I was wondering how they are getting the photos. In both cases, there was an ad for a similar (rare) item. One possibility is that they ask the seller privately for more photos, and make a new fake ad based on them. Anyway, I emailed these thoughts to admins, I clearly do not have enough data to say for sure.
Ilya, outstanding followup , its good to know Paypal does have the ability to act quickly if they are called directly. Ad spotting is definitely key to the elimination process,
another key,  if the scammer takes the conversation off of astromart, it begins to get suspicious. Likewise,  it opens the door to snare the culprit, but to all who want to help catch these thieves, proceed with caution.  

During recent conversations and successful networking with other astromart members and our efforts here to date, we have been able to get a location of origin on this individual which is being investigated by local Police in that area.  any and all leads posted on this thread and others, or sent to me in PM, do get follow up,that is what it takes,  and the Astromart admins are doing a great job of ejecting these frauds when discovered.  Cheers to you for establishing another choke point and cut off process thanks to Paypal. If anyone can hit these frauds hard, it is paypal.

  Thanks for being vigilant, more eyes reviewing and detecting suspicious ads is a good thing, and it definitely helps our astronomy community.   I urge every member to illuminate their discoveries of suspicious ads here  so we can proceed to get these frauds eliminated from our community.