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Big Bino at our last weekend Starparty, Part 1

Started by apmtelescopes, 05/14/2002 07:02AM
Posted 05/14/2002 07:02AM Opening Post
Hi Folks as promissed here my personal review and opionion about the big Russian binocular 30 x180-45°

Over the last weekend we have had in germany our biggest Starparty, called ITV ( International Starparty Vogelsberg) to which I went.

At this starparty i have the chance to test and compare more big binos than expected

There have been the follow big binos:

All Myauchis from 60 mm up to the 141 Fluorite
All Fujinons upo to the 25 x 150 ED 45°
Vixen Binoculartelescope 125F/750 for exchangable eyepieces
My Russian 30 x 180 -45° and new 20 x 140 45°
Astromeccanica/Italy Modells: Takahashi FS 102 Bino, BORG 125F/800 Bino, Synta 150F/750 Bino

Let me start with shortest reviewing part: Astromeccanica is a italian company doing high quality big binos with all kind of optics and telescopes using high quality elliptical flatmirrors, 1.25" and 2" precision helicalfocusers , forkmounts from meade LX 200 Goto and hear own forkmounts with slow motion controll.This type of bino have pro and contra. The contra is that the views are something 3-dimensional but you never know is the observered object in front or rear place ( due the mirrorstyled designed). At night time is performs like it should do . The big advantage is exchangable eyepieces, high quality workmanship and 2 handscrews for easy alignment at highest power. I have had no chance to test them at night, since after the italian company arrived it was cloudet , but on daytime you could test already so much to get an good impression.What i saw was so much impressive, that i decited to ship them now diffrent sizes of TMB triplet lenses to build me a few modells. Prices are very low compare to other famous companys. A link to here webside with images and prices and english describtion you find at

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clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 05/14/2002 07:06AM #1
More how they perform under sky, when i get my first samples with TMB lenses for testing. So far the Skywatcher refractors 150F/750 with 32 mm könig eyepieces knocked my socks . The Tak was outstanding sharp and colorfree, same for the Borgs

Big Fujinion 25 x 150 ED 45° view with 2.9° Field, weight 18,5 kg. Almost complete colorfree at daytime excapt the outer edge of field , very high contrast. At nights it provides a rather flatfield view with good sharpness at the edge, but not absolutly pin point, again impressive contrast. The field could be seen completly with no problem and showed a good homogeneity , 3-d effect was here, deep sharpness was good, objects at daytime with diffrent distance required a refocusing, but not much. UHC Filters are available to fit over eyepieces. This Fuji is excellent for highest contrast wide field deep sky viewing with fixed magnification, at his 25 power unbeatable

Myauchi 141 Fluorite 45° ( weight 12,4 kg only)was tested with 25 power eyepieces 2.6° FOV and 33 x power with 2°. At 25 mm power the big Fujinon was very much brighter at night time and with 33 x power the Myauchi have had much higher resolution than the Fuji.( due higher power). The Myauchi is a Fluorite but not colorfree, at daytime objects i could easy find color and at bright stars in night too. Field is not flat and impression give not racersharp images again , edge correction is rather poor and field is not homogene. The Myauchi is relativly lightweight and extremly compact. I dont like it for day time observing and for Nightsky I like the possibility to exchange power. UHC and O III are available to put in eyepiece barrels.I dont like it for wide field viewing, but I like it for Deep Sky Object viewing in center of eyepiece field very much and I like the compactness very much. If the field would be more homogene in views it may would be my favourite, but so it is not.

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clear skies

Markus Ludes