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Re: Anyone own the Fuji 25x150 ED Binoculars

Started by erikdlin, 11/09/2004 07:43AM
Posted 11/09/2004 07:43AM | Edited 11/10/2004 05:56AM Opening Post
There are several reviews of the regular version(non-ED) 25X150mm in the binocular review section. I don't have one myself but I am aware of 3 owners of the Fuji 25X150 in the USA. I don't plan on getting one soon for the following reasons:

1. Weight/Bulk. The OTA alone weighs 18.5 kg/41 lb. Is over 3 ft long(96.2 cm). The pedestal mount weighs another 18 lb. Cost/wt of a Tripod? I know the tripod such as the QuickSet Hercules will hold the 60lb OTA+ pedestal load plus allowing 18 inch of center column travel. However, weight of the tripod alone is over 30 lbs and cost ~$1,500.

The best way to mount such a monster is to use the Universal Astronomics Sirrus ParallelO mount on a Losmandy G11 tripod. Figure ~150 lbs with tripod and counter weights.

2. You are limited to 25X/6mm exit pupil. I would think about getting a pair of 150mm/F5 binoscope if I am going to move that much weight. I am thinking 30-150X easily. 90 lb with bino scope and pier/fork mount and 90 deg EPs. Less than $8 K total. See for details.

Erik D