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Re: Opinions on these 3?

Started by erikdlin, 10/20/2003 04:40PM
Posted 10/20/2003 04:40PM Opening Post

My 2002 Pentax booklet shows two PCF models the PCF V is 33.9 oz the PCF WP is 37.0 oz. Both are rather heavy for 7X50 binos. FOV is the same at 6.2 deg.

You should asked yourself what would be your primary use of this bino and could you really take advantage of the 7.1 mm exit pupil. For astromy most of us find 5mm exit pupil and slightly higher power helps us pick out dimmer objects. I have a pair of Celestron 7X50s with 10 deg FOV. There are good for taking in large sections of the night sky but 7mm eixt pupil also show a brighter grey background.

If you want a pair of general purpose binos for astronomy and terrestrial viewing the Pentax 8X40 is smaller and lighter at 29.3 oz and 6.3 deg FOV.

Erik D