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5.2mm Pentax vs. Bino 5x oca 25mm

Started by Settimio, 01/23/2004 07:11PM
Posted 01/23/2004 07:11PM Opening Post
I can get a better planary views with a BN binoviewer with a 5x OCA and a set 25mm Tal E.P. over a single 5.2mm Pentax XL.

Saturn showed a crisper image with a several bands on the surface with the BN and 5x OCA with 25mm Tal E.P.

The Pentax 5.2 mm was fuzzy, and did not show the same detail and only 2 moon, with a hint 3 with adverted vision.

Anyone else seeing better views with some low end paired E.P. vs a premiunm single E.P.

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Posted 01/23/2004 07:23PM #1

For reference, your 5x powermate was probably giving you more like 7.8x if you were using it in front of the binoviewers. So the 25mm ep's were more like 3.2mm ep's. If you use 2 5x powermates right in front of the ep's, then they are still 5x.

That's ok, though. I agree that I can see more easily with 2 25mm plossls and binoviewers than with a single premium ep. There isn't any more detail, but there is improved contrast and apparent size. I have to try A LOT harder to see the same details in cyclops viewing. Also, the image gets bigger for me with both eyes open. Weird, ain't it?

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