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A perfect binoviewer setup?

Started by tomt, 08/05/2004 12:35PM
Posted 08/05/2004 12:35PM | Edited 08/05/2004 12:40PM Opening Post
Could this be - finally - after all these years?? - The PERFECT binoviewer setup??

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Posted 08/05/2004 12:54PM #1
Hello Tom,

Astroscan: Been there, done it;-)

Actually, this was a very impressive setup at The Mason Dixon Star Party that we attended three years ago. Note the solar filter attached to the front (Glass filter/White Light).

The Astroscan and an early Denk Standard with Apogee Widescan Eyepieces (20mm/70*AFOV) and the 1.25" Newtonian OCS™ provided really pleasing Solar views for everyone around the vending area. No joke. Balance was excellent with no counterweights and the views were really nice.

Astroscan Scope was owned by Jack Wine (Va, USA) who became a loyal customer. He was actually planning on selling all of his equipment due to corneal damage from a heart attack. He suddenly thought that Binoviewing might rescue it all. It did. We were very pleased that his astro life was restored. He now uses a C14 with the Denk and Star Sweeper + some other scopes.

BY the way, we will have a crew at Starfest in Canada in mid August with lots of Denk II/Power Switch and Standard demos. Anyone care to come out and see us? All are welcome to look through ours or bring your own Binoviewers for a comparison view or just a nice gathering of two-eyed astronomy enthusiasts. We can form our own growing clique. Hope to meet lots of great folks and have a good time up north (eh?).

Russ/Denkmeier Optical, Inc.

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