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OEM's & Binoviewers

Started by Settimio, 02/12/2003 04:43PM
Posted 02/12/2003 04:43PM Opening Post
The binoviewers that are made by OEM's for resale in the US, How does this work? Are the parts shipped from the US and assembled in Asia?, The other way around? Only certain parts manufactured here, while the other parts are manufactured elsewhere and then built there?

I have a XT10 clone that came in boxes that had the same color scheme as my Orion box's without the name.
A argument was made that there is a Orion pile where the best are placed, and a pile for everyone else. I doubt it, but who knows?

It seems like the quality control issues would be tough to determine if your own VAR specs were being followed. I mean,
maybe they put there #1 guy on your stuff and the #2,#3 or #4 guy on everyone elses.

While the immediate issue for me is OEM's and binoviewers, do they all act the same when it comes to Telescopes & Telescope accesories? Some units are the same between VAR's. Orion,Celestron,BW,Denkmier,University Optics......
Some do share OEM's with there particular product.

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