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Open Apology

Started by Settimio, 02/23/2003 08:37AM
Posted 02/23/2003 08:37AM Opening Post

I probably jumped the gun. There is a awful amount of noise
out there and I should not have contributed to it. Maybe I should look inside my own reply a little deeper. I'm no Sibert disiple, own nothing of his, but I am on his list for the premium deal for the time being.

My goal, is see If you can purchase a Binosystem,
Telescope, assesories, and E.P. for less then $1000, and have a enjoyable system. I think I can, and well see. I've already spent more money then needed and for less bang then I recieved in this hobby in general. Within a few months, one way or another I'll plan on letting people know if I succeeded, and to what degree.

I"m sorry for any ditractions or alienations.

The first Step towards failure is trying. - Homer Simpson