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Will I have difficulty merging views?

Started by Mike Ratcliff, 09/01/2005 09:49PM
Posted 09/01/2005 09:49PM Opening Post
I'm thinking of trying the Denk Big Easy binoviewers (maybe not a good name right now), but I've never had success in merging views when I've tried other people's binoviewers for a minute or two. Including the recent Burgess ones. I was successful in merging the views with the JMI 6" binocular telescope at the RTMC show. But that costs $3000.

Will it just take more time or is this a bad sign? I noticed the Denks had self-centering eyepiece holders that make the eyepieces better aligned.

Any suggestions? Especially what would be a good eyepiece selection to start out.


Mike Ratcliff
16" f/5 dob
51 year old eyes
Posted 09/01/2005 10:36PM #1
If you have little or no difficulty with well-aligned standard binoculars, you should -- in theory -- have no problem with a binocular viewer. Higher magnifications require essentially perfect collimation/alignment within the viewer, but the finer models should indeed be very well collimated.

Screw-activated collars can be a little finicky with regard to eyepiece alignment. Users may have to readjust one or both of the eyepieces to get them well aligned. If your previous encounters with binocular viewers involved screw-activated collars, that may well have been the cause of your difficulties. Self-centering collars (assuming they're well implemented) will be less finicky and more prone to accurate eyepiece alignment.

As for eyepieces, I'd personally start with those that I already like and/or those that "feel right" (comfortable) in "cyclops" mode. If you have a favorite in the 15mm-to-20mm range, that might be the best place to start. (One which I find very comfortable and "right" for my own eyes is the Meade 18mm Superwide.) If you like a particular single eyepiece, you'll probably like it as much or more when it's paired up with a twin in a binocular viewer. Likewise, if a particular eyepiece is a little frustrating to you for one reason or another, it might not be the best candidate.

I'm sure other members will relate their own favorites.

Cheers and best wishes.