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10" f/5 Starbuckets with Servocat

Started by adamsdp, 05/09/2004 04:53PM
Posted 05/09/2004 04:53PM Opening Post
I have been experimenting with different scopes over the last year to determine if I can settle on one as my "main" scope. I live in suburban Detroit where the seeing is mediocore most of the time. I enjoy all types of observing and would put planet and lunar viewing at the top of the list.

I have come up with the following list of goals:

1. Excellent planetary performance.
2. Observe in sitting position.
3. Scope lightweight, and easy to setup.
4. Tracking for high power viewing.
5. Binoviewer friendly.

I was thinking of a TEC140 for the last month, but now think that the best choice might be a Starbucket 10" f/5 with servocat junior installed. The 10" f/5 seems like a nice compromise that would do well for planets and deep sky and is about the biggest scope that I can sit down and observe. I have never owned a truss style scope and wonder about leaving it setup so that I can carry it in and out without taking it apart. A lightweight 10" f/5 also seems like it would be light enough to carry outside (2 trips) without it being a struggle.

The scope I own that comes closest to filling the above goals is a C9.25 on an lxd55 mount with upgraded legs. It fills most of the above but rarely performs well on the planets where I live. I have read posts that say the large central obstruction of a C9.25, makes SCT's more prone to poor seeing.

I thought about the servocat vs equatorial platform and am thinking that the servocat will not add any height so this will help with keeping in a seated position. Also thinking the servocat will hold the scope in position while changes eyepieces with my binoviewer and this seems like another plus.

I am a little concerned about the Starbuckets ability to block stray light in my location given it's minimalistic design but I think this problem can be solved and the scope looks really light on the Starbuckets website which to me is a big plus. Any opinions on the above will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Dave Adams

Posted 05/09/2004 05:24PM #1

I have one of Neil's 12.5" scopes and carry it in and out of the house. It's a bit ungainly, but quite manageable, so I'm sure a 10" would be no trouble at all. He can supply a shroud with the scope to block stray light, so that shouldn't be a problem either. As far as set-up/take-down when I need to transport it, it takes about 10 mnutes including collimation.