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14.5 Zambuto users

Started by lthaxton, 11/15/2002 09:07AM
Posted 11/15/2002 09:07AM Opening Post
I am thinking of moving up to a 14.5" Zambuto equipped DOB-Starmaster or Portaball. I have a 10" PB that is a killer but want (sigh) a bit more aperature. My primary interest is planetary andf globulars but I am hoping this aperture will net detail in brighter galaxies a well. Anyone out there using a 14.5 Zambuto who can let me know how they perform as planetary scopes? On deep sky?

Thanks-I plan to order soon and just want to know "real world" performance levels before I do.
Posted 11/15/2002 02:22PM #1
Have you talked to Pete about this?

The 14.5" is F4.3. I opted for the F5 12.5" portaball after discussion and a bit of consideration.

Good Seeing!