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2" VS 1.25"

Started by Magic man, 04/05/2003 05:43PM
Posted 04/05/2003 05:43PM Opening Post
Ok I know I'm starting something but I need to know. I just bought a 10" med priced DOB as a grab and go scope that came with a 2" focuser adapted to 1.25". I already have a collection of 1.25" eyepieces. But will I gain much if I start collecting 2" eyepieces or should I just add more and better 1.25"?
Posted 04/05/2003 05:58PM #1
Keep you 1.25" eyepieces. 2" eyepieces really only are needed when the field stop gets too large for a 1.25" barrel (larger than 24mm Panoptic, 40mm Plossl, etc), plus you can't use them as well in a binoviewer if you decide on one of those. Keep your 1.25" and maybe buy one wide field eyepiece (like a TV55mm Plossl or a 31mm Nagler ). If you can get an eyepiece in either 1.25" or 2", get the 1.25", the only difference is price and weight.