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Started by Larry J, 04/14/2004 10:13AM
Posted 04/14/2004 10:13AM Opening Post
Perhaps a reminder:
I frequently see recommendations made on these forums but sometimes no reason or explanation to support that recommemndation. One example (among many) might be the simple statement 'get a 2" focuser'. I can understand that recommendation being valid if imaging accessories might be used. I can see that advice being valid if there might be potential or desire to obtain certain premium eyepieces like select focal length Panoptics or Naglers in the future. It also makes ton's of sense if the mechanical quality of the 2" exceeds that of the 1.25" from the vendor. There are other reasons beyond these but the point I'd like to make in this and similar cases is that when advice/recommendations are given is to try to remember to provide the rationale also. This would be quite beneficial in educating beginners whether they were the original poster or, even more importantly, that numberless mass that are just lurkers.
Posted 04/14/2004 10:38AM #1
Buy the best you can afford! Why, because if you do you will not be looking for a replacement in two months.

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