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Airline carry-on scope/optics

Started by williamichang, 05/23/2003 08:25PM
Posted 05/23/2003 08:25PM Opening Post
Does anyone have recommendations or experience (besides the AP Traveler or Questar 3.5)? Would like something with aperture for DSO, preferably greater than 8" :-) Willing to do some "safe" (dis)assembly, and/or transport non-optical components in checked luggage, if necessary.

Typical airline regulation carry-on is only 9x14x22", 22lb (weight can be stretched a bit), which seems to rule out the C9.25. Is there a commercial truss Dob whose thin-mirror/box can be safely removed, and whose "body" fits a suitcase?

I have looked at "Alice" and other light-weight/flying scopes on the web; but these are all completely scratch-built. And, while light-weight scopes are great, the real premium seems to be on _compact_ scopes. Even then, not many will fly. (The "Uti" looks nice but is only 8" f/5.)

And, among the cassegrain-type scopes, which is "best" for this purpose?

Let us brainstorm!

-- William Chang, Saratoga CA

Posted 05/24/2003 07:38AM #1
Well, there are the Uti travelscopes...I believe they're an Astromart sponsor. If you look through the past couple years of SKY AND TELESCOPE, you will find many examples of DIY travelscopes.

Posted 05/24/2003 12:50PM #2
Hi William. I took a C8 (OTA only) in a carrying bag on Air France and Lufthansa as carry-on luggage. I don't think anything bigger would fit.
Posted 05/25/2003 07:46PM #3
Thanks everyone!

The Uti is attractively compact (wish it were at least f/6). Or a Cat up to 8", or a real short 4" APO, appear to be the only commercial choices at this point. If I find anything else (especially > 8") I'll post here...

-- William Chang, Saratoga CA