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Autoguiding Help

Started by JoeRam, 05/19/2003 07:41AM
Posted 05/19/2003 07:41AM Opening Post

I am having trouble auto guiding using my LX200GPS and ST-2000XM. I think it is basically a lack of knowledge, as I cannot get the two to talk. Also, I’m using CCDOPS.

I am looking for some websites that will give me detailed information on using a similar combination and how to use CCDOPs too!

Thanks for your help!

Posted 05/20/2003 04:15PM #1
What exactly is the problem you're having? couple of questions:
1. Are you using a relay box?
2. what are your minimum and maximum move settings?
3. are you able to get a good autoguider calibration?
4. If you give a 'move' command to the camera, does the scope respond?
5. Are you set to "camera relays"?
6. What other kind of info are you looking for on ccd0ps? I think I'm one of the few people left that uses it darn near exclusively for acquisition.