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Build a C8 binocular telescope?

Started by jhawkman, 02/17/2019 08:57AM
Posted 02/17/2019 08:57AM Opening Post
I wonder if it's possible to cobble together two vintage Celestron C8's into a binocular telescope?  Somehow put together two 90 degree diagonals per scope to bring the eyepieces together?  
Any thoughts?  It would be a great project and a way to recycle older telescopes.
John Hawkins
Posted 02/25/2019 07:06PM #1
Hi John - I think most binoscopes use refractors or reflectors to achieve wider fields-of-view. A  C8 binoscope would be a fun project but it might not be much different than using a binoviewer on a C11. I use a binoviewer on my C14 (great for lunar and planetary) but its field-of-view is quite limited.
Posted 02/26/2019 03:18AM #2
You're probably correct about the field of view - this was just an idea on repurposing some of the older pre-auto-find C8's that are out there.  There's also a very extensive thread on Cloudynights that I've been studying.