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C14 and Lumicon Giant reducer

Started by David Simons, 07/25/2004 12:26AM
Posted 07/25/2004 12:26AM | Edited 07/25/2004 03:38PM Opening Post
Here is shot of a homebrew alt-az pipe mount for the C14. Although the setup is a little shaky, my intention was to use it primarily at low powers with a focal reducer, so the shakes would not be too offensive. I tried it first with the reducer off, and used a 40mm Orion Ultrascan ep. This was giving a little less than 100X, and not quite fitting in the whole moon, (0.4 degree?), Then I tried the Lumicon Giant 3" reducer in place and found I could get a little more than 2 full moons in the 40mm Ultrascan. Maybe 1.1 degree? No vignetting on the edge. However the view was not as sharp. I also did a little reading and found out the reducer lens can give either f5, or f6 reduction. I'm thinking I must have been at the f5 setting, and maybe pushing the optical train a little hard and also missing some light, as my eye for sure does not open past 7mm. I will try out the f6 setting, and a 30mm ep. next time. The shakes in the system were dramatically reduced at the lower power, (~44x), and moving the scope around was much more forgiving. I have used this scope a number of times before, and this was the first time I had seen such a wide view from it. I'm hoping to use this on the Sagittarius region as soon as these clouds will give me a break !

Has anyone else used one of the these Giant Lumicon reducers before ?

As an aside, I also tried a Meade 18mm SW without the reducer, giving 217X on the moon, and I had forgot how sharp a C14 can be. My shaky pipe mount was almost useless at this power, but the details on the moon seemed to go on and on. I love tracing rilles and canyons, and the moons phase tonight was very favorable for such details.

David Simons

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David Simons