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Celestron AVX Mount/Tripod compatibility question

Started by tomherb, 03/20/2019 12:53PM
Posted 03/20/2019 12:53PM Opening Post
Please bear with my newbie ignorance, and help me out with an unfortunate situation...

After years of noodling, I recently bought a used Celestron Advanced VX mount and tripod on the classifieds here.  The seller did a great job in shipping and packaging, and shipped it to me via FedEx ground in two pieces.  I received the mount, but FedEx seems to have "misplaced" the tripod box.  They have until this coming Friday to find it, and if they don't they want us to file a claim for replacement.

In the event that they don't find it, are there any other maker's tripods that are compatible with the Celestron mount interface, or do I have to use a Celestron tripod?  They don't have the tripod available separately on their website, at least not that I can find in a cursory search.

Thanks very much, 
Tom Herbert