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Celestron CPC925 vs Evolution 925

Started by 300kph, 06/27/2020 06:08PM
Posted 06/27/2020 06:08PM | Edited 06/27/2020 06:10PM Opening Post
I have a CPC925 that’s about 15 years old. It works great except for the GPS. The shop I bought it from gave me a great deal on it for this reason. It still works with the database and with a 2 star align process but needs time and date manually entered each time you use it. It’s a great solid scope but would like the GPS issue resolved. I hear it would be a pricey fix and shipping would be (Pardon the pun) astronomical to Celestron for repair. 

A) Anyone else have this problem?


B) I have a chance to pick up an 18 month old Evolution 925 w/ StarSense for a decent price. Is it a good scope or should I stick with the CPC?