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Celestron Pacific

Started by dsimons, 03/21/2004 01:37AM
Posted 03/21/2004 01:37AM Opening Post
Anybody know when the "Celestron Pacific" scopes were made?

This one has essentially no image shift.

David Simons

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Posted 03/21/2004 01:18PM #1

Celestron Pacific used to advertise in S&T in the late sixties when I was a teenager. I believe they introduced the C8 in 1970. Here is a print of the instruction manual for the C8 apparently from 1975, but possibly earlier.

Does this look like your scope?


Randy Roy
Posted 03/21/2004 05:18PM #2
Can't see things for sure. Where does your power plug in and is it a round 2 flat pin connector on the side or a 3 round pin on the bottom? Also, on your fork arms, are the holes open or closed. If 2 pin, can I see the RA knob section.
From general appearances and the serial number, I would place it as mid to late 70's. I have a 1972 and a 1980 and worked with several from the mid 70s. It looks like a mid 70's.
If you want more info on the history of Celestron, get Bob Piekiel's ebook, Celestron - The Early Years. He has advertised it here in the past.