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CG-5 Tracking Issue

Started by plunkett, 08/06/2004 08:16AM
Posted 08/06/2004 08:16AM Opening Post
Hoping for a little advice... Last night I tried some unguided photography with my new (to me) CG-5 mount and my TV Genesis. I think I have an RA motor or mount problem as I end up with little U-shaped stars after a 2-minute exposure. I think I had a good alignment as the star streaks aren't linear. My question is this: is there something I can tighten or adjust to fix the problem? I did note that the RA slow-mo axle (not the main axis, just the little one) seems to be a little bent - that is going to be my first point of attempted repair. Anyone have a similar problem?

Posted 08/06/2004 09:28AM #1
I suggest posting this on the Astrophotography Forum. 2 minutes unguided is a fairly long unguided exposure. Of course that depends on the camera...