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Started by darkhop, 01/14/2003 09:44AM
Posted 01/14/2003 09:44AM Opening Post
Anyone my age or older can remember a time when the words "Made In Japan" meant cheap, stupid trinkets (or a killer Deep Purple album, depending on how much hair you had back then...) -- but now certain AM ads will make sure to mention "Made In Japan" to signal "quality product." If you have to admit it was made in China, you then are nearly forced to add "but it's a GOOD one..."

Now, China is far and away *not* Japan, but a similar turnaround isn't out of the question. The question is if they're ever going to get a bug up their whatsis about the reputation they're getting. Astro stuff is a niche market; what else are they in on?

By the way, the C102HD I just bought is a good one! Ha! Beat the odds!

Posted 01/14/2003 02:37PM #1
I too have a cheap (read as inexpensive) "chinese" refractor. It is of very high quality and from what I've heard from others qualtiy from chinese manufacturers is getting better.

Let's face it, if no one buys a product because of poor quality, how long will they stay in business? With today's market flooded with options, compaines are going to have to offer quality products or go out of business.
Posted 01/14/2003 04:44PM #2
I happily go "space truckin" with my Synta 120mm f8 refractor. It is about as good as a doublet achro can get without spending big $.

PS: DP ruled! Richie Blackmore's playing still sounds amazing after all these years . . .