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Cloudy Nights Clarification -

Started by tomt, 03/31/2003 02:31PM
Posted 03/31/2003 02:31PM Opening Post
There seem to be some rumors going around that the recent Cloudy Nights decision to become a corporate entity somehow involves Valery D. Postings in this group and elsewhere seem to have somehow drawn an assumption that there is/was some legal action or other *threat* afoot which prompted the decision to form a corporation.

Speaking as an associate of Cloudy Nights (and after having confirmed this with Allister) we would like it noted that we have never had any issues, problems or concerns in regards to Valery D. Allister has asked me to go on record and say (and I quote):

" such problem between us and Valery exists."

He further notes that all his exchanges with Valery have been polite, with nary a threat or a bad word.

As far as we see - there are no problems between us, nor have there ever been any.

In short, there is no basis to these rumors. Allister has decided to incorporate for several reasons, including, but not limited to, protection and limitations of legal liability and generation of revenue streams. His open letters documenting his reasons for pursuing the current course of actions can be found here:

and his decision can be found here:

It is our hope that cloudy nights will continue to be a resource for the amateur community well into the future. Our outreach program - "Tiny Eyes on the Skies" will be up and running again shortly, and we hope to continue to offer new programs and services to the amateur community. By becoming a corporate entity, Cloudy Nights helps to protect that future even as we move into it.

Tom T.