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Diagonal recoating

Started by, 07/09/2016 04:08PM
Posted 07/09/2016 04:08PM Opening Post
Hi I have a Vernon Scope 2 inch diagonal. I need to have the elliptical mirror recoated. Does anyone know where I can get this done. thanks
Posted 07/09/2016 06:57PM #1
I find this place intriguing - They offer standard and high-end dielectric coatings. Just getting the super R coating on the diagonal should improve telescope throughput immensely. Would want to ask regarding performance at 45 deg though; especially dielectrics need to be tuned/customized to that. I bought a New Antares 2-inch Star diagonal marked Dielectric 99% and measured it to be a pathetic 89%. All I can figure is that they put a normal-incidence coating on the thing and naively expected it would perform as a fold - NOT! Attached is an image of my Test Report on that. Tom

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