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Extension tube needed

Started by khking, 04/10/2003 03:02PM
Posted 04/10/2003 03:02PM Opening Post
Friends. In aquiring a 5" refractor, two barlows(minus the optics) are used to extend the focus far enough back that the eyepieces will focus. This arrangement is too wobbly. Can you help with a dealer who sells a solid extension tube, if that is even what it is called? Thanks.
Posted 04/10/2003 03:20PM #1
Not sure how long you need it to be, but Moonlight has a 1.5" extension tube at

Anacortes has a TeleVue 2" extension tube with brass compression ring at

and 3" ones at

Hope this helps!

Midway, FL
Posted 04/10/2003 09:25PM #2
Kurt, Contact Ken's Rings & Telescope Accessories at their link on Astromart. Ken might be able to fabricate you something long enough & solid. If you contact him, tell him I made the recommendation.:-) He's a friend of mine. DR

Darian R.
Posted 04/11/2003 02:08AM #3
Orion Telescopes sells them in 1.25 and 2.0 sizes, 2.5 to 3 inches in extension length. Last item under accessories I believe.

Posted 04/11/2003 03:36AM #4
Thanks for all the help & sites. I checked Orion first thing but maybe I missed the tubes. I don't know the manufacture of this all black 5" refractor. It uses the 2 barlow tubes + a diagonal. Did I mention this lens is perfect when tested under collimation. With the extension tube + one of the violet filters ,this will be a nice scope.
Thanks again all.