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Dolphin Head Nebula Sh2-308

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Finest Large Focuser?

Started by Doug Peterson, 06/17/2004 05:18PM
Posted 06/17/2004 05:18PM Opening Post
I have my own opinion, what is yours? I am thinking of

AP 2.7"
AP 4"
Feathertouch 3.5"
TMB 3"
TMB 4"
Takahashi 2.7"
Takahashi 4"
Unitron deluxe R&P
Vixen 60mm
Vixen 100mm
William Optics 4"

there must be others....

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Posted 06/17/2004 06:39PM #1
Feathertouch 3.5"

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Posted 06/18/2004 01:17PM #2
Right here on Anacortes you can see a number of pictures from different angles.

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Posted 06/19/2004 10:54PM #3
This may be a stupid and obvious question, but why would one need something larger than 2 in. since that's the largest diameter of ep's. I'm guessing it's gonna' have something to do with CCD imaging and cameras.