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GEM Mount Capacity

Started by Peter Glus, 10/06/2006 10:41AM
Posted 10/06/2006 10:41AM Opening Post
I am having some difficulty pinning down the exact capacity of the lxd75 mounts, or for that matter all the mounts in this class. Meade literature says its 30 pounds, but there's no specific definition (just the ota on a scale or the ota with counterwieghts?) My question is...what would happen if I swapped the C8 with a C11? I mean, Celestron packages the C11 with the CG5, right? Would the lxd75 mechanicals actually break (gear teeth, motor burnout)? What if I used only a 10 pounder and extended the counterwweight rod to compensate? Total weight would be the same, but the force required to rotate the whole thing would be high. Does anyone have any experience or clarity to share here?

My C8 weights 16 pounds, and I have a 10 pounder on the couterweight rod.
Posted 10/06/2006 11:37AM #1
I can't really offer you direct advice. I have a CG-5 ASGT that had originally come with a C-11. It had 33 lbs of counter weights and apparently needed it all. The CG-5 also has the heavier tripod than the LXD-75...

I tried my 10 inch F/5 Newt on there... I never even bothered taking it outside...

Jon's goofy maxim:

There is no quicker way to ruin a good scope than to put in on mount that is too small...

Posted 10/12/2006 12:33PM #2
Thanks Greg...this is all good food for thought.