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Giant Binos 25x40x120mm

Started by Doug Peterson, 08/15/2004 04:34PM
Posted 08/15/2004 04:34PM | Edited 08/15/2004 05:20PM Opening Post
I have aquired an as-new demo pair of these and they actually are quite good. I believe they are originally sourced from:

The official importer of the website above,, doesn't answer emails. APM/Markus Ludes--who always answers emails--shows them on his website, but so far as I can tell they are not yet available in the US.

Anyone know anything about these?

"--Granted, that's a worse case scenario. The destruction might in fact be ... limited to our own galaxy."
Posted 08/15/2004 04:46PM | Edited 08/15/2004 05:32PM #1
For those who are wondering:

1) Weight about 35 pounds.
2) Identical in detail to the various 100mm single-body versions out there, just bigger.
3) The objectives are achromatic-doublets, rather than the achromatic-triplets of the 100mm versions, which is probably a good thing.
4) They are razor sharp at 40x. I do mean: razor_sharp.
5) Pale blue secondary spectrum is unobtrusive and quite unobjectionable.
6) Like the 100mms, their included tripod and post-type mount with verical fine motion works okay terrestrially, and up to about 60 deg. For the sky some sort of heavier-duty parallelogram-type mount is the ultimate answer.
7) The rotating-turret oculars (with straight-thru porros) are decent Erfle types and do the job well.

Let's see, USN Big Eyes are $20k, Nikon's are $8K, Vixen's about $4k. As the 100mm versions go for around $1500, I would expect these to go for $2.5k+ in the US.

"--Granted, that's a worse case scenario. The destruction might in fact be ... limited to our own galaxy."