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gm-8 stepper motors - a problem?

Started by adamsdp, 02/01/2005 03:15AM
Posted 02/01/2005 03:15AM Opening Post
I am looking to get a new mount to carry a C8, C9.25 and D&G 5" f/10. I have read so many good things about the gm-8 mounts and really like the idea of the slip clutches. I heard from someone that they had problems at high power with their gm-8 due to the stepper motors causing vibration. I think each pulse caused the vibration. I seem to remember reading a while back that someone else could actually see the pulses at high power. I want to buy a mount that I don't have to fiddle with to get to work properly and wonder how much of an issue is this?

Dave Adams
Posted 02/01/2005 04:47AM #1
Hi Dave
I have a GM8 but I'm no expert with with it and I recieved it with the Gemini servo motors. I have been a member of several Losmandy and Gemini forums and from everything I read from others is that the C8 and C9.25 should be no problem. The only time the D&G might be a problem is if the tripod becomes loose or if the worm and gear becomes worn or out of adjustment. With the long tube and at very high powers with the tripod or worm/gear issues during astrophotography there could be problems.
I have no problem with a TV101 with 2" diag and large eyepieces at about 18# maximum. Maybe others that are using other long refractors can help out here.
Hope this helps
Posted 02/01/2005 07:03AM #2
I use a similar set up - a c-9.25 OTA and a Meade AR-6 Refractor - side by side - on a Celestron CI-700. Tracks perfectly with roughly 60# of weight.