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Ground Again - Almost

Started by eyork, 06/09/2004 08:27PM
Posted 06/09/2004 08:27PM | Edited 06/09/2004 08:31PM Opening Post
I've read the flamers about the different ground transportations and have never been through the experience, until now. I bought a Nagler 9mm T6 from a fellow Astromarter. It arrived today and the box was completely crushed in on one side. 8O The first thing I did was take a couple of pictures. Then I opened the box. The televue box had the corner crushed in only a small bit. I opened that box and inspected the EP. WHEW!!!!! It was OK. grin Luckily our fellow Astromarters have hear the stories and pack carefully. You can't be too careful.

Thanks for all the warnings and thanks to the guys that listen to them!

Ed York
Posted 06/09/2004 09:56PM #1
Sounds like it was packed pretty well and that saved the day.
I always put the EP inside a big box and pack the EP box in the center of that with lots of foam around it. Haven't had a prblem as yet! shocked
Glad yours came through all right.

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