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Hand controller---reality check!

Started by azoppi, 03/30/2004 07:14PM
Posted 03/30/2004 07:14PM Opening Post
Am I hallucinating or should the East/West buttons on a GEM controller control the R.A motor, and the North/South buttons control the Dec. motor? My Konus EM-10 mount hand controller's East/West buttons control the Dec. motor, and vice-versa.
Posted 03/31/2004 12:20AM #1
Yes. Maybe the wires / connectors are switched around.
Many mounts use the same wires / connectors for
RA and Dec.
Posted 03/31/2004 05:32PM #2
Forgive me if this is a stupid question because I'm not familiar with this set-up.

Is it possible the wiring is correct but the motors are on the wrong axes?

Can their positions be swapped on the mount?

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