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How else can I spend $

Started by eyork, 07/16/2004 01:01PM
Posted 07/16/2004 01:01PM Opening Post
OK, the primary's getting refigured, an upgrade to the secondary is in the mail, flocking paper is on order and I'm keeping my eye on AM for a 2 speed crayford focuser.

How else can I be spending money on my scope?


PS if you see an ad saying 8" Reflector $5000, invested $10,000, need money - wife threw me out, you will know why and that this is a great scope!
Posted 07/16/2004 02:34PM #1
Here's what I would suggest. I have been amazed at the overall improvement in high powered views with active thermal management. It's amazing how these have provided a significant improvement to my seeing conditions.

This is a photo of three 52mm fans and a rheostat control. The rheostat is necessary for reducing the fan speed so there is no vibration at 450x. I operate them on full power to initially cool the primary, then reduce speed for viewing.

Gary Weber

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Posted 07/17/2004 09:19AM | Edited 07/17/2004 09:21AM #2
OK, so far I have:

* Send cat chow to Clifton. (probably out)

* Fans (This one definitely sounds interesting)

* Upgrade the finder (This is almost a definite)

* Goto/Push to (It's on an eq mount and I am comfortable with the setting circles. DSC's and a computer would just make it even easier - elminate the cheat sheet)

* "Laser" (must be said with quotation marks - already have it, love it! Collimate every time as part of setup.)

* Almost forgot EP's - that's just part of being an Astromarter. It's kind of like breathing.

Thanks for all the great ideas. Feel free to keep them coming.