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Intes Micro M503 vs StarMax 127

Started by adamsdp, 01/31/2004 11:47AM
Posted 01/31/2004 11:47AM Opening Post

I am looking for a portable travel scope and have narrowed the choice to either an Intes M503 5" f/10 and a StarMax 127. The Intes costs more $799 vs $399 but has the following advanteges from what I have been able to determine:

-fully illuminated field for 2" eyepieces allowing ~2 deg fov vs ~1.3 fov for the StarMax

-Intes comes with 2" star diagonal

-Intes fit/finish look nicer in pictures at ITE website

-Intes optics better?

The StarMax has enough focus travel for binoviewing use and I am not sure about the Intes. Has anyone tried a binoviewer in the Intes M503?

Has anyone compared views in these two scopes? Are there other reasons to go with one or the other? Thanks.

Dave Adams