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Kendrick Barlowed Lasers

Started by Buck8one2, 08/18/2004 07:55PM
Posted 08/18/2004 07:55PM Opening Post
Hi Folks, has anyone seen or used the New Kendrick Barlowed Lasers. I'm kind of interested in the 2068-A set so as to be able to collimate from the back instead of running back and forth. Any input would be appreciated.
Posted 08/18/2004 08:29PM | Edited 08/19/2004 07:49AM #1
I don't have experience with the Kendrick barlow laser but I do use a barlow laser for collimation.
I've found that if the optical/mechanical alignment of my 16" truss dob is very good, I do not have to tweak the primary very much, if at all, when I first collimate with basic laser and re-check with the barlow laser. I do have to go up and down when I first apply the laser but I really don't need to tweak it alot when I follow-up with the barlow laser. If I bounced the scope around alot, there's a bit more tweaking that needs to occur with the barlow laser but not much.
Your mileage may vary.
Posted 08/19/2004 05:16AM #2
Hi Bernie,

I purchased Kendrick's barlowed laser earlier
this year- and have been very happy with it. I
can't recall the different model numbers, but mine
is the 2-inch laser with the adapter that lets you
see the spot as you adjust the primary (so this may
be what you are looking at). One caution however, I
found that for my 8" dob, the laser+adapter is quite
heavy, and the adapter makes everything hang out
a good distance. This was a problem for me
initially because if I had the tube at a 45 degree
angle or so, the laser/adapter weight would actually
shift my focuser down, and the laser angle would
not be centered. Now I simply keep the tube
horizontal to reduce this problem (and turn the
laser to make sure the spot is centered).

Note that this may or may not be an issue with
your scope.