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LX200GPS Polar Alignment Question.

Started by JoeRam, 01/14/2003 07:59AM
Posted 01/14/2003 07:59AM Opening Post

I am having a peculiar align issues with my scope. I go through the normal setup process where I polar align the scope when the scope is off: level the tripod, set the DEC to 90 degrees and sent the RA to where the scope is “upside down”. I check alignment by rotating the scope in RA and verify the stars rotate around Polaris in the FOV. I rotate the diagonal 180 degrees so I don’t have to kneel down.

After power up I select the easy alignment option and the scope proceeds to find home. When the scope has finished homing, I realign the scope (which is usually necessary, but only minor adjustments are required) using Alt/Az adjustments on the wedge. I don’t move the scope in RA or DEC at all. I only use the wedge adjustments. Once realign I’m instructed to press enter and after doing so I get an error from the scope. The error reads something like “Polaris out of limits” or “Polaris outside of limits” or something like that. I am wondering if anyone has encountered this and what you did to correct it.

Currently, I just hit enter a second time and the scope starts to slew to the first alignment star.

Thanks for reading and for your comment.