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Mak 7 Vs SC 10 or ED127 refractor

Started by g1957, 02/26/2003 05:40AM
Posted 02/26/2003 05:40AM Opening Post
Well here goes the SC vs refractor contraversy again only this time let's throw in the Mak 7. I am starting to get aperture fever. I am mainly a planetary observer. Been through the 8" SC and know their limitations. I have a meade ED 127. Now that it's been cleaned and collimated at Meade it gives great images of the planets even good deep sky for its size. The other night the atmoshere was calm and it gave some awesome images of Jupiter and M42. I am wondering can I get more out of a Mak 7( I hear it gives refractor like images) or a 10"SC (more aperture) on the planets? I am leaning more towards the meade Mak. Has anyone done a side by side comparison? Opinions? Thoughts?