Mars in Six Scopes

Started by jsuro, 07/26/2003 05:22PM
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These are six images of Mars produced in Aberrator from six different popular scopes in perfect seeing at 400x. which one is close to yours?

I'll post the type of scopes later smile.

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Jose Suro
Tierra Verde, Florida

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So far number 6 is closest :-(
Posted 07/26/2003 05:35PM #2
4, sometimes 3, in my 10" dob

Posted 07/26/2003 05:43PM #3
So far mine gets up to a 3 when the seeing steadies up. NexStar 11 GPS

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Jose Suro
Tierra Verde, Florida
Posted 07/26/2003 09:38PM #4
First night out with Mars last week I got about a 3.5.
Two nights ago I got a 5. Last night a 6. See a pattern here? This in an 8" f/6 Discovery. If only the seeing would settle down :-(
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update, last night it was between 4 and 5 :-)
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Would there have been material difference, if you had included 8" SCT, plus 6", 11" and 14" Newts in the mix? Does Aberrator really care :-)

-- William