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Meade UHTC coatings

Started by g1957, 04/24/2003 02:00PM
Posted 04/24/2003 02:00PM Opening Post
Is it worth the extra money to get a SCT with the UHTC coatings? How much does performance improve? Has anyone done a side by side comparison with a standard Meade SCT a UTC and a Celestron SCT?
Posted 04/25/2003 07:40AM #1
I think there has been a lot of evidence that shows that the UHTC is better than non-UHTC. However, this benefit may or may not show up depending on what you are using the telescope for and possibly your own natural optics.

In my case, I can see no difference when visually observing, so I side with the argument that thinks UHTC is best for those doing astrophotography. My wife on the other hand does notice a difference between the two when observing. If you have the opportunity to view through two of the same scopes, one with and one without UHTC, it may help you decide.

In my case though, I did order a scope with UHTC. Resale valuable may be better if that is a concern and Meade is not as quick to produce the scopes without UHTC. If you are ordering from a dealer who doesn't stock the scopes, the delivery range can be 3-6 months or more! So, in my case the value of UHTC was that it got the scope delivered in 1 week rather than months. That was worth the $200 extra. - Jason
Posted 04/25/2003 10:03AM #2
S&T tests the 8" LX200GPS in the March 2003 issue. They actually had two units, one with UHTC and one without. They say "the UHTC performs as advertised. Measured in very broad spectral windows, we found that, when compared with the scope having standard coatings, the UHTC instrument delivered images that were about 15 percent brighter in the red, 14 percent in the green, and 19 percent in the blue. Measured across the full visual spectrum, the increase was about 18 percent for our test instrument."
Also, there is good information at:;act=ST;f=3;t=79