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Mellincam Hyper Color

Started by buzzman, 08/28/2007 06:08PM
Posted 08/28/2007 06:08PM Opening Post
Just took the plunge and bought a Mallincam Hyper Color Plus camera. I can't wait till it arrives so I can share the night sky with my family. My boys are always fighting to get a view through the scope, so this should help. My question is, has anyone here have one? How do you like it? Kind of late to ask, but I figure I can learn what to expect.
Posted 08/31/2007 06:06AM #1
I don't have one, but I saw one in operation a while back operated by my good buddy Jack Huerkamp. I was impressed. The dang thing was pulling color out o' the Crescent Nebula with Jack's 12-inch dob.

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