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Mounting a very light scope

Started by Lee_S, 01/19/2006 08:15AM
Posted 01/19/2006 08:15AM Opening Post
This is a really simple question. But, I'm at a loss for the proper words.

I have a 60mm telescope in nice condition except for the tripod head. I'd like to either mount the tube on on a photography-style tripod or--maybe--an equatorial mount. What parts would I need to do that? I've searched for whatjahoodjit, thingamabob, and thingamajig. wink

I have several telescopes, but none are semi-APO, APO, or in anyway valuable.
Posted 01/19/2006 08:36AM #1

If it were mine, ideal solution would be a 60mm clamshell with a 1/4 x 20 thread to mate with the photo head. Or, a 1/4 X 20 mounting block to accept a pair of 60mm rings would also work.

have fun,
Posted 01/19/2006 08:38AM #2
That depends on your scope. Does it have a 1/4 inch/20 threads per inch hole on one side. If so, you just need to screw in your tripod quick-release shoe. (Actually, it is a little more complicated than that--the tube will tend to rotate, so you have to have something to engage the other little nub that sticks up from your quick release plate.)

If not, you may need a set of rings attached to a short rail, that then attaches to your quick adapter plate.

Can you send a picture of what your connector currently looks like?

Posted 01/19/2006 07:11PM #3
Yikes! You have some serious upgrading to do! I suggest a Micro-Star mount from Universal Astronomics on an Orion Paragon Plus tripod (you'll need a 1/4->3/8 adapter thingy that I got at my photo shop for $1). You'll also need some rings, which Orion has. Orion has that tripod on sale at the moment. You might be able to get by with the plain Paragon (there was one as a second on sale for about $65 on their website). The Micro-star is the most expensive part, but well worth it, and could work for your other scope as well. I see them occasionally on Astromart for about $150. They are very stable, smooth, and intuitively easy to use.

Hugh Bartlett

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