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Mounting finder on AP 6"F*8

Started by erikdlin, 06/02/2003 01:24PM
Posted 06/02/2003 01:24PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Posted this question on the AP forum and received no reply. Thought I'll repost here since there are 75 times more traffic on this list.

I need to mount a finder on my pre-Starfire AP triplet(~1989). The tapped holes on my OTA are about 1.375" C-to-C. The 9X50mm from Orion/Synta looks pretty good. Does any one know if the Orion dovetail mounting bases(part #7214 or #7215)will fit.

Any other tips on a finder for my scope or comments on the Orion 9X50 RACI finder are most welcome.

Erik D
Posted 06/02/2003 03:31PM #1
Hi Erik,

I actually just put an Orion QR base on my 6" F/12 AP and the holes lined up fine. Two things you may need to know: the Orion base is a bit larger that the original base and sticks out over the end of the tube by 1/8" or so and it is a good idea to cut out a piece of rubber or felt to fit between the QR base and the tube both to protect the paint from damage and as it makes for a tighter fit as the radius on the QR is not quite the same as the OD of the OTA.