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Multifocal cataract implants

Started by jacobson, 12/24/2009 08:12PM
Posted 12/24/2009 08:12PM Opening Post
I am scheduled for cataract surgery and am wondering what type of implanted lenses will work best. Conventional "monofocal" lenses correct only for distance vision so you need to use reading glasses. Newer "multifocal" or "accomodative" lenses provide correction at different distances so many people don't need any glasses at all.

The multifocal lenses have concentric zones that focus light from various distances. The accomodative lenses shift position in your eye and are supposed to mimic the focusing of a natural lens to some extent. From what I have read, the distance correction of multifocal lenses is not likely to be as good as with monofocal lenses. Some people report haloes at night or loss of contrast. This seems logical since some of the light is sharply focused from a distance while another portion is sharply focused from nearby. Also, it seems to me that a narrow beam of light that you would get from a high powered eyepiece would create distortions as it passed through the different zones of a multifocal implant.

For these reasons, I am leaning toward getting the conventional monofocal implants. One article recommends monofocal lenses for anyone who needs the best possible night vision.

Does anyone have experience with multifocal or accomodative cataract implants?

Posted 01/06/2010 11:18PM #1
I talked to my eye doctor about the Multifocal Lens and he said they would not be as sharp as standard contacts. I use contacts but I get sharper views if I take the lens out when I observe.