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Started by Larry J, 07/16/2003 09:15AM
Posted 07/16/2003 09:15AM Opening Post
Swiss Army Scope:
It refracts and reflects in various sizes. Converts into a GEM, fork, or Dob. Apodizes and masks. Measures seeing. Suggests correct eyepiece for any combination with ultimate "thread killer" capabilities. Best of all, it includes a little toothpick too!
I think Orion will have 'em this fall.
Posted 07/16/2003 10:23AM #1
Ohhh, I want one!

[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
Amateur Imager
Posted 07/16/2003 12:12PM #2
Swiss Army Scope by Orion:

When it turns out to have a bad objective, Orion Tech Support will tell you it's really wonderful, and suggest you sell it to some sucker on *-bay if you don't like it.