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New toy

Started by Inge_S, 11/29/2002 07:05AM
Posted 11/29/2002 07:05AM Opening Post
I'm going to be a part owner of a new club telescope. We take advantage of a very good offer as well as a beneficial currency exchange rate. So, at last I will have the chance to look through something with more than 8 inches of aperture.

Our new "toy" is an NGT-12.5. I have heard quite a few critical comments about this scope. The main problem appears to be to keep collimation while rotating the upper tube assembly(UTA). I just wonder how serious this problem is, and would really like comments and advice from owners/users of NGT scopes. In principle the concept should work beautifully if the axes of the UTA, the diagonal mirror and the center axis of the primary mirror are perfectly aligned. In worst case, I suppose the rotation facility of the UTA can be left unused.

BTW: The 8-inch Portaball remains with Papa.