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Plugged in my 28 year old LX200. Beep (it's on) then "snap," then smoke came out...

Started by NGC88888, 07/09/2020 03:26AM
Posted 07/09/2020 03:26AM Opening Post
I had not used it in ~5 years, and prior to this use, it never had a problem.

I replaced the fuse, but the old fuse did not look burned out.  And given that white whispy smoke literally came out through gaps in the switches, I don't think it was the fuse since the fuse was not physically broken.

Now of course it will not turn on.  Any advice?  I have done some research and people talk about replacing capacitors, etc., I am not presently experienced/knowledgeable enough to do something like that.  Does anyone still fix these scopes?

Thanks -
Posted 08/15/2020 08:46PM #1
btw in case anyone searches/reads this - I had it successfully repaired by George Dudash.  Simply search his name for more info.
Posted 10/15/2020 08:40PM #2
If you suspect it is the caps then remove them off of the circuit board. Note the COLOR and VALUE of each.
Believe it or not go to AMAZON and enter the values. They have thousands ! I repaired my wife's favorite monitor. Made a lot o points .... good luck. I have a LX200 GPS 12 too so I am up against it to...

Our back yard Pier .That's the cover on top.