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Re: 20x80 binocs or 7x50 or what???

Started by Kevin Barker, 08/11/2002 11:40AM
Posted 08/11/2002 11:40AM Opening Post
I too read Alan Adler's article and agree he made some good points.

I am not totally convinced with his index system. I personally prefer a wider exit pupil and higher quality construction and optics.

I use the 10 X 70 Fujinon's under a dark sky held by a solid wooden mount. All objects are viewed well and the improved optics mean resolution is still great. The 16 X 70's would work well too if you insist on more power.
My 10 X 70's show brighter or larger galaxies superbly.
The Lagoon nebula with the 10 X 70's is amazing.

These binoculars are more expensive but i think in the long run they pay for themselves.

Repeatedly using binoculars and removing and placing on a mount eventually weakens cheaper construction and collimation suffers.
Kevin B