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Re: Astronomy Equipment for Sale

Started by Eblanken, 02/19/2016 10:00PM
Posted 02/19/2016 10:00PM | Edited 02/19/2016 10:15PM Opening Post
Hello Mrs. WIlliam Kinslow (& All),

You have my heart-felt condolances and prayers. Brenda we are so sorry for your loss. Wish I could help, but I'm way too far to help in person.

I googled Jacksboro, TN and confirmed that the nearest mid-sized city is Knoxville, TN where I-75 and I-40 cross. Then I googled "Astronomy near Knoxville, TN" and saw that there are several active astronomy organizations listed in/near Knoxville, TN. My brother used to live in Asheville, NC which is somewhat nearby Knoxville, TN as well, so I was reasonably certain that looking for an active group of people who do astronomy could be located as close as Knoxville, TN. The four web pages I saw gave me a positive impression that someone from one of these organizations might be more help that you have already received here. The four first results in my google search looked promising and especially the university listing "UT Knoxville - Dept. of Physics & Astronomy . . "

I would support what others have suggested here about getting and staying organized by using a spreadsheet, making specific ads (including photos) for specific items and having an impartial adviser who can assist with price-setting and possibly interposing in cases where scammers surface. I wish people who scam widows could be appropriately discouraged.

Using recently sold similar items here on Astromart (& the CN site too) is a recommended resource as well. It would be good if someone from Knoxville could be located who could assist you. Maybe someone who reads these forum posts knows a trustworthy person from that part of the Astromart community could jump in here.

Very Best Regards,

Ed Blankenship

P.S. I'll keep praying and thinking good thoughts about you and your situation.

P.P.S. I would think it very appropriate for you to post a question about specific equipment (AND A PHOTO) here in the Equipment forum with a title such as "What's this ?" and expect that someone here would know what it is and help you write an appropriate description. I have a couple of people here on Astromart who either currently own one (or 2 or 5) or have owned one (or 3 or 7) in the past. Some people have over 1000 good 5-star ratings here and know lots of experts all over the world. I think you came to the right forum (my opinion only).