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Re: Dawes' limit and the human eye

Started by Larry J, 07/06/2007 04:00PM
Posted 07/06/2007 04:00PM Opening Post
Play around with Google,Greg( but make sure you have a lot of spare time).
Search on "Maunder - Pickering" for an interesting start.
There are lots of ways resolution gets measured. Dots have been observed to be different from lines. Contrast is a factor ( e.g. black lines on pure white backround). Blah, blah, blah. You can read a ton of good research and discusssion from photography gurus, neuroscientists, physicians, astronomers, and more.
Bottom line concensus seems to be that the eagle eyed among us can see 2 to 3 arc minutes in the night sky.
The figures you quote are supported by research..but the measurements are not being done in astronomical contexts.